Account of some delays in full implementation of the TIMEBANK

Asked by Sam Tullett (frm East Sussex County Council) to fill in a survey with this question:

Please explain the services you are offering or planning to offer through your new organisation (eg, location of services and needs you will support etc)? If you were considering launching a new organisation but are no longer going to, please tell us why?
I wrote on 9th February 2012 the following:

The St Leonards Sharing Timebank Service is centred in St Leonards, but is planned to extend to Hastings, Bexhill and has a volunteer from Brighton engaged too. Links are also to be developed in the Rother District which address Rural Poverty and Social Exclusion (particularly for veg growers who will be credited hours for their vegetable growing and offered social and training events in the coastal towns etc. Though £6,000 worth of training (2 days to 20 people) has been provided on communication skills, the envisioned work building on Professor Heinz Wolff's Care4Care initiative is not ready to be launched

More of a timebank development team (& safeguarding policy implementation work) is required before the St Leonards Sharing Timebank will become a name that the elderly and vulnerable can rely on. Sadly, though the micro-provider newsletter advertised that we were looking for funding from the NatWest Community Force fund, we didn't get enough votes to get £6,000 and this has delayed things greatly....