Monday, 25 June 2012

The first timebank household?

I'm working towards placing this advert in the Hastings & St Leonards Observer:
"4 Rooms available; quiet detached house off Battle Road. Cost -10 Timebank Hours per week; rolling contracts available for 6 weeks, 6 months or 7 years. ('St Leonards Sharing' timebank) Landlord background information at
Here's my reflections on how I moved my mindset from making money on owning a property to strengthening the local timebank from owning a property:
And this is the property with a vacancy:

(Two of the advantages of this flat are that it provides a good base from which to
  1.  clear up the dog mess* on Southwater Road when I'm around
  2. serve as a potential gathering place for "St Leonards Buddhist Action" and the further development of "Ethical Outings in Hastings and St Leonards")

When two of us in this space have taken the next step in strengthening the timebank by a consistent 20 hours a week between us in timebank development work, then the plan is to expand a household to those who will trade timebank hours, but are less perhaps less motivated/skilled in actually developing the timebank.

In response to a friend who hadn't watched the videos:
"I see how the words on the timebanking blog do not add up on their own; the missing bit is in the verbose YouTube clip. In brief:1) I had a windfall of £120k2) I got greedy for a £160k house rather than £120K flat3) I let go of being a greedy landlord and decided that the aim would be to provide Timebank rooms (4 of them)4) I decided that in the meantime the priority would be to find one tenant who wanted to work on building the Timebank; then we could offer the bigger vision for people who wanted to Timebank rent but not be so closely involved in setting up a Timebank."

*St Leonards Sharing timebank provides time-credits for clearing up dog-mess; film-evidence required to claim your time credits. Contact us  via the Mediation Support Ltd contact form and/or Tel 0780 70 66 202.

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