Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Dunkirk Spirit, OPENING HOURS/EVENTS - MARCH 2014, & announcing the opening of "Jayaraja's Qi-machine room"

When disaster strikes, people share. It's sometimes called "The Dunkirk Spirit"; when we take our small boats across the Channel and welcome aboard those fleeing immanent death or imprisonment.

As the Economy becomes less secure and resources run out, whilst climate change challenges our whole model of growth rather than living sustainably, we can choose to live in the community spirit of war time or separate ourselves off and wait until the impact comes before finding allies to face the issues with. Community is experienced negatively by some; that needs to be examined closely so that our experience of sharing, good will and co-operation becomes better for all. The #2066 #Timebanking Gallery is a place to begin to have such conversations and enhance our sharing skills.


Monday 3rd Noon-6pm (or later by request)
Friday 7th Noon-6pm (or later by request)
Monday 10th Noon-6pm (or later by request)
Friday 14th Noon-6pm (or later by request)
SATURDAY 15th - the (almost) monthly Special Event 2pm-9pm
Monday 17th Noon-6pm (or later by request)
Friday 21st CLOSED (most probably - meetings attending to St Leonards Sharing Consortium matters)
Monday 24th Noon-6pm (or later by request)
Friday 28th Noon-6pm (or later by request)
Monday 31st Noon-6pm (or later by request - Tel Zero7807 066 202)

By borrowing and lending our possessions responsibly (agreeing return conditions, value of items and deposits) we build trust to use our time more with sharing and building the skills that others find enhance their lives. Ambitiously we may, perhaps after a year or two of Timebanking, be ready to take on a care role in relation to isolated neighbours not for an instantly redeemable 4 or 5 Timebank hours' credit a week but working I. The context of building a longer term bank of hours or care pension, that we draw from perhaps 20 years or so onwards. For this we need to co-create in the coming decades structures that are resilient and compelling to the next generation. That is the challenge that the #2066 #Timebanking Gallery exists to support. It exists to recruit a team to work together supportively to create the structures that have the wisdom and compassion to be the best that we can do for our own development and the well being of all. As a colleague of mine in the field of developing the sharing economy said: "People have three choices: reduce the population, reduce the standard of living (in ways that make our private consumption less destructive of the planet) or share more" ( see

Paul Crosland, Curator
#2066 #Timebanking Gallery
c/o Southwater Area Community Centre
Stainsby Street
St Leonards
TN37 6LA


Earn your first 12 Timebank minutes by filling in a skills wanted/offered questionnaire & then maybe spend them by spending 12 minutes in "Jayaraja's Qi-Machine Room" also at the Southwater Area Community Centre - leaving with a zing is guaranteed.

Keyboard players/ solo musicians and clothed life models needed for whenever the #Hastings #2066 #Transition #Timebank events are taking place at the #2066 #Timebanking Gallery.

Between 36minutes and 15 hours work available by appointment; payment half in cash and half in Timebank hours (what this can be traded for includes 15hours from Apart from working in the gallery/ Mind Body Spirit library, there is work leafleting, litter picking etc or suggest something you can do to encourage neighbours to do more for each other.

Register on
And for a general introduction to Timebanking from one of the national organisations who commissioned me to create a social media strategy for them, see

Tel 0780 7066202

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