Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What do you make of the #2066 #Timebanking Gallery?

What was announced in the Hastings Observer on 20th December 2013 as the launch of the "Hastings Pier Fire and Community Development (Art) Gallery" now exists (as of 15th Feb 2014 & through to 5th October 2016) as the #2066 #Timebanking Gallery.

To change your relationships to money, time and community for the better, please read/watch this blog or just phone/text Paul for a chat:
Zero7807 066 202

& the message (from Prof Heinz Wolff) that I'm taking personal responsibility to deliver to 19,000 doors in Hastings & St Leonards is
What do you make of the #2066 #Timebanking Gallery?
(We're based at Southwater Area Community Centre, TN37 6LA).
You might, for example, come along to discuss or play "Yes to What? The #2066 #Timebanking Game".
The Gallery is open Mondays and Fridays from noon-6pm (or later by request) and the next "almost monthly event" is Saturday 15th March 2pm-9pm with Kurt as the main performer.

The full programme of monthly events is on the 1st #2066 #Timebanking leaflet, which is below & also now the Facebook cover picture on the Action for Hastings Happiness Facebook page.

To register your interest and thereby hasten the convening of meetings for the 20+ other locals who are interested in moving this forward for the welfare of all:
And for a general introduction to Timebanking from one of the national organisations who commissioned me to create a social media strategy for them, see:

If not leafleting or litter picking around your street or helping with running the Mind Body Spirit library, how would you like to earn your first 15 Timebank hours etc.(& what service/events would you most like to spend your Timebank credits on?) Tel Zero7807 066202

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