Sunday, 2 February 2014

Timetable of #Hastings #2066 #Transition Timebank's Saturday events; on one of the middle Saturdays of the month

After the 15th February the next event will be:
Speed Networking & Hidden Strengths Revealed and Swapped

At the next event there will be a vote* for which of these becomes the following event:

"Tony May, Clean Up Man & St Leonards Local Treasure" Filmshow followed by Q&A

Systemic Win Practitioner Training - Level 1 led by Paul Crosland & his former prison colleague on the Bristol Mediation Prison Project, Paul Baker
-Filmshow followed by Q&A

3rd Anniversary of the founding of Action for Hastings Happiness - Filmshow followed by Q&A

Gig from that person you know/love

Another event of your choosing/promoting?

Normal(?) Gallery Opening Times

Mostly Mondays (12-6) and Fridays in particular (12-6)

Friday Evenings : Marshall Rosenberg DVDs @ 7pm - drinks & snacks free

*voting is by "St Leonards Community Shares"; one share, one vote. Shares are issued solely from the #2066 #Timebanking Gallery which has a preview on 15th February 2pm -Late with free meal and gig from
All "St Leonards Community Shares" have a redeemable value of a guaranteed minimum of £1 and can be redeemed in the day of reckoning; 5th October 2016 - when Was18 & Was19 will both have come of age (25) and hopefully acquired the sense and care for their community to take the risks involved in telling us of their encounter with Kevin Pearson who handed them onto the police on the night of the Hastings Pier Fire. &

Your community shares will increase in value according to how much you do to engage with & strengthen your local Timebanking economy; getting support from neighbours, developing connections, skills, belonging and serving a cause decided in each annual meeting eg social inclusion, restorative justice and closing the gap between the rich and the poor.

#2066 #Timebanking Gallery has it's preview opening on Saturday 15th February 2014, art show, moneyless auction for edible sculptures, free meal and gig from Edinburgh folk singer
Future events every 2 months will foster local creativity as well as bringing in international level training on getting-on better with those around us -

15 hour #2066 #Timebanking contracts are available at almost any time. You get £75+15 Timebank hours (what this can be traded for includes 15hours from*) + at least one "St Leonards Community Shares" (to be explained within the 15hours) & redeemable on the day of reckoning - 5th October 2016.

If not leafleting or litter picking around your street or helping with running the Mind Body Spirit library, how would you like to earn your first 15 Timebank hours etc.(& what service/events would you most like to spend your Timebank credits on?) Tel 07807 066202

More info on:

Be well,
The latest of 2,000+ YouTube films from Paul Crosland:
Do you prefer to connect more straight-forwardly? :
Tel 0780 70 66 202

PS.My preferred ways of co-creating a "more caring and sharing community" around you me and us is on my home page:
& what you can expect from me is here:

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