Wednesday 9 November 2011

Why has the St Leonards Sharing Timebank been set up?

The timebank's strapline (on is currently "- linking Hastings, Bexhill & all who want to unlock their power & skills: caring4all" . The vision is that a timebank allied to ways in which people share items as well as time (eg or our own will re-connect communities at a deeper level and enable more collective support. For those who want, delayed entry into residential care – or care within a household as a product of neighbours learning to care more for each other.

One vital set of skills to be traded are those about accessing the wealth of the internet. Sadly, I have recently heard in detail of hundreds of pounds being swindled by phone from elderly people by purporting to offer internet help (with possible identity theft attempts being made alongside).

This makes the need for trusted support within a neighbourhood more pressing.

Some of the 'why?' answer is in the history of transactions so far.

The first organisation to organisation transaction within the St Leonards timebank was for a training from (saving all £6000 of the would-be costs without timebanking). The second organisation to organisation transaction has been to set up an agreement with Sussex Police to provide Restorative Justice services (generating greater community safety in the aftermath of a crime).

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