Sunday, 15 April 2012

Some comments received via the "expression of interest" form below

  1. How do I join your committee so that I can make all my other committee work Timebank credit-worthy?
  2. I was a member of GEMS for many years, but stopped paying my sub because, after putting in many hours for others and earning many GEMS, people who listed services would not actually do them!
  3. Hello, I am really keen to get involved with this scheme, hoping someone will get back to me and let me know how I can start.
  4. I don't mind meeting in a cafe or someone's home - but can't put both in on this system! I don't know how much I can get involved with this but think its a great idea and would like to be kept informed of what's happening! Thank-you! JO
  5. I am very, very interested in this project and would love to be involved.
When a "Critical Mass" of expressions of interest have been received via the on-line form, then a meeting will be convened. Meanwhile Wednesday mornings at the Southwater Area Community Centre 10.30-12.30 are the most likely time to find me in the office there (marked Mediation Support Ltd on the outside buzzer but used by the whole St Leonards Sharing Consortium); because this is the time of the week with a high footfall of users of the building -buying fruit and veg.
(Future "St Leonards Sharing" timebank plans for making veg available through timebank credits are on
By all means text/phone to check that I'll be around or arrange a mutually convenient time for a tea & chat about Timebanking with me or Erica Tate.
Kind regards

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