Saturday 8 March 2014

We launched with this gig which I can reproduce; the food I can't. See you on the next Middle Saturday? -gigs etc almost every month from 2pm-9pm

Susanna's Gig that launched a predicted 2,066 memorable smiles this year at the Action for Hastings Happiness #2066 #Timebanking Gallery:
& more available by following this link:

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Paul Crosland, Curator of #2066 #Timebanking Gallery
Southwater Area Community Centre
Stainsby Street
TN37 6LA
Tel 0780 7066202

Please join the dozen(s) who have registered interest in getting more socio-economically involved with neighbours via
And for a general introduction to Timebanking, see
Radio 4 programme on the Sharing Economy - note to Freelending CIC co-director

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