Saturday, 8 March 2014

What is 2066 Timebanking?

What is 2066 Timebanking?
It's the future of your potentially transformed relationships to money, work, community and meaning; an economic shift to "more convivial lifestyles" (Simms, A - Ecological Debt: The Health of the Planet and The Wealth of Nations)

A simple conversation can unlock unknown skills and requests for assistance from those who live near you.

Here's how it's started with Kurt:

Part Two is here:
& Part Three:

Now what do you make of Kurt as a performer?

Kurt will be playing on the next "(Almost) monthly #2066 #Timebanking event" on Saturday15th March 2-9pm; see you & friends at the Southwater Area Community Centre then? , Stainsby Street, TN37 6LA

Join the dozen(s) who have registered interest in getting more socio-economically involved with neighbours via

And for a general introduction to Timebanking, see
Radio 4 programme on the Sharing Economy - note to Freelending CIC co-director

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